I have not been involved in the development of Pocket Cowboys for more than two weeks, but I had a chance to help out withs some character renders and some screenhots for the app store, and I figured I would show some of that work here.


The feature graphic was a lot of fun to make and took 3 days from idea to a final version.

Working on Snipers vs Thieves has been a lot of fun and a great opportunity for me to try different areas of the artist role that I have not really been involved in before. At the start of this project we were two 3D artists and felt that one of us should have the role of Art Director. The style of the game inspired me a lot and we decided that I would have the role as AD, and my collegue took the role as Technical Art Director.


Creating the Art Direction document was a lot of work, but resulted in something I am proud of, and the mistakes I made with it tought me some valuable lessons. My collegue left the project after some time and I have been the only 3D artist on the project ever since, even if we do outsourse a lot of assets.


My role in the project has been Art Direction of the 3D environments, designing levels, building levels, concepting and creating the characters, writing briefs and feedback to outsourcing studios, lighting, optimizing, 2D marketing assets (the screenshots shown below) and much more. In the 5 screenshots I have not made the sniper rifle in the first image, nor the masks in the second image except for the Cool emoji mask. I also did not make the explosion particle in the third image, the Scuba mask in the fourth image or the three rifles to the left in the fifth screenshot, but the rest is done by me.


In addition to the screenshots, I have added various images showing different assets I have made.

1st additional image show some level loading icons that represent each of the 10 maps we currently have.

2nd image show some parts of the skydomes I made for the different settings.

3rd and 4th image show examples of 2 levels out of the total 6 levels that I have designed and built.

For the Close Quaters DLC I made a map called 925.


I was responsible for level design, environment art and deligating art tasks to other artists.


I started by building the entire level as greybox. After initial testing I started finalizing areas of the map, and deligating art work to two other techincal artists. One made most of the Cafe area, and one made the final touches to the underground garage, not shown in these images. Smaller assets like buckets of paint, stacks of cement and chairs was shared between maps and not created by us, but some unique assets like destructable pillars, walls and palm tree potted plants was made by me.


Working within such a small team, using a finished editor and tools created a very creative and fun environment, reminding me of how fun it is to work in smaller teams. It was also very well received by the critics.

For Battlefield 3 I was working as level creator, but also had the title of Content Coordinator for Co-Op.

That meant that I was not only building and designing levels with the level designers and fellow artists, but I was also in charge of deligating art tasks to 3 other artists, making sure we stuck to the planning and technical guidelines, but I was also in charge of communicating with the Singleplayer and Multiplayer groups, making sure all props got built and shared effectivly across the team, and also communicating with the AD to make sure the art direction was followed.


One of the level shown here, in the initial three images, is a Paris level I made for Co-Op. The design was delivered as a written brief, stating that you play as a sniper providing cover for a group of allied forces that was to free hostages in an embassy building. I designed the layout of the level and built the ground mesh, the embassy building and the sewers, along with a few other level specific assets.


The next three images show a map initially built for the singleplayer campaign, that we reused and rebuilt in parts to include the effects of an earthquake.


Next image is taken from a map also built initially for singleplayer, that we built a subways station for and a street level entrance to the subway. I built the street level and subway entrance.


Last image show part of an interior that I built for one of the maps. I built this entire map and all its unique art assets.

Need for Speed was a fun and quite different experience for me. I went with two other environment artists over to Guildford in the UK to work with Criterion in the initial steps of figuring out how to create the environment. The roads had already been made. Winding alpine roads would twist and turn right next to a nice coastal road. All the environment was designed based on short briefs on what the intent was, and transitions was solved by tunnels that devided closely located but differently themed areas.


Using World Machine 2 and Terragen to create a lot of the landscapes, I built four terrains, worked on a few others, and placed assets on one or two more. The terrains I built and textured can be seen below (Bear Hollow, Three Peak, Boulder road and Carson Ridge), while I only placed assets in the last two screenshots.


Back in the Stockholm office I found myself working in small team once again, working closely together in a very creative environment. A very fun project.

Battlefield Heroes was probably the project that I have the most fond memory of, looking back at my 12 years at DICE. I knew the editor and the tools very well. I was the only environment artist on the team and was given a lot of freedom to create what I wanted.


I remember working on the art area, trying to figure out how to edit the ground in photoshop rather than in the editor, how I could create the cliffs by moving individual vertexes up an down and use the triangulation to my advantage. Buildings and trees were made by our 3d artists. I made the initial two levels that the game was released with; Seaside Skirmish and Victory Village. The initial design was made by our level designers, but I changed the layout a lot, added a coastline along with cliffs etc, but my main focus was the terrain, object placement and lighting.

Other titles I have worked on include:

The Drowning

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